Update 18/7/2017

So, here I am! I actually have something to report!

Last Friday, I had my appointment at the hospital to get me on the list for surgery. I am now so glad that it has been and gone and now I am waiting, like a child for their birthday, like a pregnant woman counting down the days.

They gave me a date for my operation, but like with anything at any hospital, it could still change. Personally, I am praying that it is moved forward!

It was kinda weird the emotions I felt in the week just prior to my appointment. I was very mixed. Excitement, disbelief and a bit surreal that this appointment that I have waited for was FINALLY here! But there was also a sense of that I was standing on the edge of something that, once set in motion would be life changing. Well let’s be honest here, having a hysterectomy (losing the organ that help grown and nourish your 3 children, the organ that allowed you to take part of the miracle that is creation) is life changing in many ways.

I have no doubt that between now and when it happens, there will be LOTS of  different emotions being felt. But 1 thing I know is that the verse below is true and that I just have to trust in Him who made me, who loves me, who calls me HIS child!


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