Why am I blogging?

Well...where do I begin? I have started this blog up purely for myself to document what I am going through with my own health and body. Nothing too interesting really.


1 Month to go!!!!!!!!

So, here I am. 1 month exactly until I go in and then start my recovery. As much as I am counting down, and can not wait to get this done with, I have noticed that I am becoming a little more emotional in general. Not over the hysterectomy specifically, believe me when I say… Continue reading 1 Month to go!!!!!!!!

Update 20/05/2017

Well what a week! I went to the dr about the pain on Tuesday and since then I have had 2 blood tests, 1 urine test, 1 ultra sound and 1 CT scan!  Hoping to find out results tomorrow sometime. Kinda over this pain